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If you’re looking for the Greenville Realtor in Upstate area, , look no further. Choose us to be your Realtor in Greenville, SC. Our experience, ingenuity, and love for this part of South Carolina makes us a match to be your Greenville Realtor. We have built a core philosophy over the past 27 years, understanding that the people we serve are what matters most. As your Greenville Realtor in South Carolina, we will be driven by the core concept that where you live is the most intimate experience created by your family. It is important that your home be a shining gem on display, garnering your love into a unique setting, contributing to the enjoyment of the Greenville, SC area.

This is why we’re not only the right Greenville Realtor for you and your family, but a guide to pick the best area that fits your life. It’s not just a home you’re buying, but in a way a new start for you and your family.

Our founders Bryan DeYoung and Barry Cain are driven to create, inspire, and develop the ideal setting to make your next real estate purchase happen. If your looking to sell, we have a formula for real estate, streamlining the process, attracting the right home buyer. As your real estate agent, we know a relationship is built, helping us create a profile of who you are. Are you looking for a kindred neighborhood? Do you love the carefree characteristics of convenience? Maybe your heart is set on what amenities are available in the neighborhood of your choice. We have many clients that are outdoor lovers of nature, and put priority on hiking and biking trails. Either way, don’t limit yourself to a real estate agent who has a close minded perspective on the possibilities that are available to you.

There are plenty of great homes in the Upstate area. Let us help you find the right home, in the right neighborhood, and show you why we are the Greenville Realtor you can trust with you first in mind.

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Why Choose Us For Your Next Home?

Greenville, South Carolina has been working overtime in attracting new residents. The real estate market in Greenville has henceforth become complex, requiring a seasoned professional to give you the advantage. Our instinct for home pricing has given us a well rounded nature in the negotiation phase of the real estate transaction. We have built a quality real estate search engine that helps you narrow down those tough choices, and we’ll help you focus on the core desires you have in home characteristics and amenity preference. Sometimes minimizing what you put in front of you can save time, so we have patented real estate reports that can give you a focused search, maintaining variety in the process of conducting your real estate search.

Local Real Estate Knowledge

We pride ourselves on first hand local knowledge. As your Greenville Realtor, we want you to become a part of the community you choose. People often don’t think about how well they might assimilate into their new real estate setting. Let us give you the right local real estate knowledge you need to conduct your search. Do you like to trail blaze and take short trips on the weekend? Traveler Rest might just be your next destination. Are you someone who likes to get involved in community sports and education? Simpsonville will be the best place to raise your family. Do you want a mix of country living, but desire those inner city retreats during your hard earned years of retirement? Mauldin could be the right fit.

Find Properties in These Cities

Guides & Properties In Popular Areas

Real Estate Financing

Choosing the right home is only part of the process, financing is where a great deal of time is spent giving the new homebuyer the purchasing power they need to get the job done. We have created core relationships with Mortgage Firms, Banks, and Brokers who have given us a plethora of creative financing options. We know each family’s financial situation is unique. Some people have a great deal of money to put down, from selling their last home. We have helped many First-Time Homebuyers, the young professionals in their twenties who are now ready to make the next step. You could possibly be that mid-size family looking to upgrade with as little money down as possible. Whatever your situation is, we know it’s unique, however it shouldn’t prevent you from buying or selling your home. Finding the right financing for your next real estate purchase or real estate sale is something we have mastered in our years of experience. Let us assure you it will not become an obstacle to acquiring your dream home.

Building a New Home in Greenville, SC

Property values are on the rise in Greenville, SC. Some people hold the view that you might not get the best price on a used home, so they prefer building a home instead. A new home purchase in Greenville can be a hard process to navigate. You have to find the right home builder or contractor. It is important to build a timeline, by which you can expect to enter your new home. You need to schedule visits throughout the phases of building your home to insure progress and a timely finish. We will educate you on the process of building your home, giving you recommendations on what expectations should be, having a helpful guideline to get you across the finish line of building your home.

Incentives in Buying and Selling a Home

The process of selling or buying a home has changed in modern times. A healthy real estate market gives you options, but you need to find the incentives that will work for you in buying or selling your home in Greenville, SC.

Q: Are you a first time home buyer?
A: If so, let’s see if you qualify for special financing and save you money.

Q: Are you looking for a new home?
A: There could be cash discounts or packaging promotions depending on the contractor that will help you have money

Q: Do you need to sell your home immediately?
A: You might need to build a timeline to determine if you need a contingency contract on your next home purchase. If you are just looking to sell only, are you maximizing the potential on your home listing to give you the greatest gain on your home sale.

Navigating the Costs of Buying or Selling your Home

There are numerous costs associated with a Real Estate Purchase or Sale. However there are also ways to save, if given the right knowledge on how to structure your real estate transaction. Here are some examples of basic costs that confront any real estate sale or purchase.

Home Appraisal | Home Inspection | Renovations| Title Fees | Financing Fees | Contract Costs | Home Warranties

Real Estate Market Trend Analysis

The real estate market in Greenville, SC is always changing and creating opportunities for the well informed buyer and seller. Trends are something qualified a Greenville realtor should be studying and understanding. We engross ourselves, into real estate market data and gather together the opportunities that may arise in performing a quality real estate service. For instance, back during 2011 we experienced what many experts called the “market bottom.” Homes were selling for rock bottom prices at rock bottom rates. If you were the buyer this is obviously the time to act, if you were the seller, deciding to sell required a second look. Our experience served us well during that time and we were able to help both buyers and sellers navigate their options. Many homeowners sold anyways, because the home they were going to upgrade too, wasn’t ever going to be that cheap again.

Navigating the Geography of Greenville Real Estate

Greenville happens to be home to a diverse range of terrain, landscape, and popular natural attractions. Greenville residents are active outside these days, with a wide array of state parks, waterfalls, biking trails, rivers, and lakes it’s no wonder why Greenville attracts so many. DeYoung and Cain Group, your Greenville Realtor, will help you navigate the Upstate. We know how important it is to enjoy convenience in daily living.

For some, being close to their job, is important and for many being close to their pleasure is equally as important. Why not have both? As your realtor we will help you find that home the can give you the proper work life balance. There are distinct cities and towns that surround Downtown Greenville that provide for a narrow search, and can make the home buying process easier. Each location distinctively owns a natural attraction all its own, and is home to amenities that might suit your specific needs.

Loyal Network of Real Estate Professionals

What makes us specialize as your Greenville Realtor? We have relationships with Law Firms, Mortgage Brokers, Home Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Title Agencies, Termite Specialist, Home Contractors, and more. We value each member of our network, because our wealth and knowledge came through them. Many of our peers understand our commitment to the profession, and have guided our buyers and sellers in real estate that have saved them both, time and money.

Real Estate Tools

Hopefully by this point you have decide that we will be your Greenville Realtor. But if you haven’t made the commitment just yet, we want to inform you of many benefits our website can provide. If you create an account on our site, you can search the MLS database freely and save homes from your search. You can schedule a showing, create an appointment, and initiate an agent to contact you directly. You will be able to return to our site freely, given we don’t charge you to have an account with us. The inventory available today is right at your fingertips. So instead of searching aimlessly, put our site’s tools to good use. If you’re ready to take that leap and utilize our abilities, give us a call. We would be more than happy to speak with you today! It’s without question that our knowledge, skills, and eagerness will benefit your home buying or selling experience. Remember we desire to be your greatest advocate, your best friend, and expert council when in need. There is a real estate dream out there, let us help you make it happen.

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