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Downtown Greenville has visitors becoming residents every single day. With the exceptional growth Greenville is experiencing, its obvious people have decided to make the city a place to raise their children, grow a small businesDowntown Overview Realtor Greenvilles, or join a local group. Downtown Greenville’s southern charm has easily become the influence and inspiration for so many lives amongst the Upstate.

Greenville has enjoyed what many are calling a food revolution. Let’s just say Greenville has caught the eye and stomach of every foodie, connoisseur, and critic, being rated as one of the number one cities for flavor and variety in North America. Esquire recently acclaimed that the eclectic treats, that quench almost any food lovers pallet has found a home in Downtown Greenville. If you’re looking for an espresso that delivers all the dark notes stop by Coffee Underground, and River and Supsension Bridge Realtor Greenvillestay awhile to enjoy its entertainment success such as comedy and poetry. Maybe you’re looking for those savory salts, stop by Nose Dive and enjoy their famous Lamb Skewers. If that doesn’t interest you sweets will. With several places to find desert such as Spill the Beans, Marble Slab Creamery, or Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe we are sure all of them will help you find that sweet spot.

A walk in Falls Park will help you shed those calories, with a full suspension Realtor Greenville Coffee Streetbridge and two overlooks, you can catch a private moment with you and that special someone next to the waterfall. Falls Park enjoys major success as all the local restaurants, shops, and novelties have graced its presence making sights and sounds a familiar around the fall. If your nature bug hasn’t been fed, hop a quick ride over to Chimney Rock or Paris Mountain where hikes and mountain biking keep the blood pumping in Greenville’s natives.  If you’re looking for a nice sight on the lake, Table Rock State Park will outfit you with your very own two
Tall Building Real Estate Downtown Greenvilleperson Kayak, with a Mountain top that provides a grand view.

Year round Downtown Greenville fancies to fill their diverse appetite for music and fun. Music festivals are held almost monthly, taking seat at a host of local venues. Larkins on the River plans to serve you a delicious meal, all while listening to live bands featured in their outside amphitheater. If you’re the jazzy type Blues Boulevard Jazz Club, gets the rhythm and blues going, with local artist who possess that musical flare. Greenville’s very own Scansource Inc. has been known to bring musical artist from around the area and even nationally, debuting free concerts on Wednesday nights at the famous TD Stage.

If the arts and theatre are your body and soul, Greenville will more than entertain. Peace Center debuts Broadway shows, music, and traditional theatre year round. If you’re looking for variety and aspiring artist, catch a show over on River Street at Centre Stage, where they welcome any Realtor Greenville Stairwellspectator who is willing the journey. On Friday nights Falls Park host the Shakespeare Stage, where they put on a show via outside forum, where many couples enjoy the romance of wine and a blanket on the hill. If you’re looking for place where your kids will enjoy learning, take them over to the Children’s Museum of the Upstate, where reading a good book or taking a stroll down memory lane will give true appreciation for the area’s native heritage.

Downtown Greenville shows almost every visitor that they desire to charm you into becoming a part of this city’s ground breaking history. Industry sustains that charm by being home to BMW and Michelin’s North American headquarters, other companies have followed suit and planted operations such as; Lockheed Martin Aircraft & Logistics, 3M, Honeywell, Caterpillar Inc., and General Electric. The area is brimming with a variety of small businesses and shows many that Greenville doesn’t lack ambition and entrepreneurship.

Downtown Greenville has enjoyed national recognition. The accolades are as follows; Falls Park on the Reedy has been rated one of the Top 10 Parks in the US in 2014 by Trip Advisor, Greenville was rated Top Six 2015’s Hottest New Vacation Destinations by CBS News, and Top 10 Tastiest Towns in the South in 2013 by Southern Living Magazine. Perhaps the most interesting list they topped was Livability.com being claimed as the third greatest Downtown for premiere downtown living. As this vibrant city gains more acclaim soon it will be hard to claim a spot for your very own. DeYoung and Cain Group have over 27 years’ experience combined in the Downtown Greenville area. If you are looking for just the right atmosphere to give your Greenville experience the goodness it deserves, don’t hesitate, and give them a call!


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