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Taylors is home to the Enoree River where residents enjoy a gorgeous landscape of rolling hills, Paris Mountain backdrop, and beautiful pasture lands. Taylors is considered the largest community within Greenville County, although it is not incorporated. Taylors has grown into a large buffer zone between Downtown Greenville and Greer. Don’t let that deter you from it’s rich heritage and lavish neighborhoods. You might want to take a drive through Taylors famous Pebble Creek neighborhood. Taylors is stretched out along interstate twenty-nine and has become a family friendly community where convenience comes in many forms.

Residents enjoy a variety of shopping plazas, hometown restaurants, and local amenities. Taylors is the byway to enjoying a top notch Greenville experience. Not being bogged down by the downtown traffic, and being a stone’s throw from Greenville’s more natural setting of rivers and lakes, gives residents the perfect balance of work and pleasure. Taylors enjoys a variety of living experiences. Whether you’re looking for that roomy two story, a simple floor plan in a single family home, or the luxury town home, Taylors more than accommodates.

Given the easy access to mass transit, the incredible variety in home buying features, and the quick getaway lake experience, Taylors has become a natural foundation for Greenville families. Many people soon gravitate towards its charm, given the balance in what Taylors can provide for a daily living experience. DeYoung and Cain Group has become very familiar to Taylors, due to its welcoming families that have contributed to Greenville’s success. Let us give you a proper introduction to one of Greenville’s most thriving areas.


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