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Greenville is not shy of industry diversity. Large Corporations have headquartered here, and other light to medium companies have built healthy operations amongst Greenville. Heavy manufacturing, defense contractors, light manufacturing, technology distributors, healthcare providers, and systems developers have taken root in the Greenville area. The variety of businesses has also created an environment of ingenuity and entrepreneurship that has helped to prop up a healthy small business environment. Below is a list of big names that have contributed to Greenville’s thriving economy.

Hubbell Lighting
Caterpillar, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
General Electric
Scansource, Inc.
Greenville Health System
Sealed Air Corp Cryovac
Greenville Area Development Corp (GEDC)

According to industry logistics reports Big Pharmaceuticals has its eye on Greenville as well, realizing that the area is cultivating the next generation of engineering and biomedical science professionals. However, with great industry an increased demand for housing has been created and as a result has land developers and general contractors have been busy. This increased demand has given rise to a need for labor in architecture, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical. It is without question that Greenville will continue to see economic growth for years to come. Greenville is proud to be a place that creates jobs, new career paths, and exciting new areas to seek opportunity. DeYoung and Cain Group understands what Greenville has to offer. If you’re looking to relocate or acquire a new job, let the professionals at DeYoung and Cain Group help you find a home that is the right fit for you and convenient to whatever opportunities await.

For more information about Greenville’s World Class Industry, you may visit http://www.greenvilleeconomicdevelopment.com/existing-business-industry.php